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Replacing or Repairing Windows

When to repair or replace.


Replacing Wood Windows:

Many homeowners will have to address window problems at some point.  The most common issue in our area of North Carolina is wood rot on the exterior of a standard wood framed window.  If you can see cracks in the paint or if the wood seems soft or "punky", you may have an issue that needs to be addressed.  Many homeowners get the news from their painter who lets them know that the wood will no longer hold paint.  Other problems include drafts from poorly fitting sash components, foggy or cloudy glass from broken seals, and or damaged window lock or crank hardware.

There are times when exterior wood rot may be repairable, at least for a while.  If you get beyond that point, it may be time to replace a damaged window or two.  If the problem shows up on one side of the house on a few windows, then you will probably want to find a new replacement window that matches the style and appearance of your existing wood windows.  Maintaining a consistent look to your wood windows will be an important issue again if you decide to sell your house.

Fortunately there are wood windows available today that will look very much like your existing windows and will fit in the existing window opening in the house frame.  That is important because it limits the scope of the work required during replacement.  A window that fits properly won't require drywall patches, wall painting or wallpaper repairs.  It is usually possible to remove, save and reuse your interior window trim in order to maintain a consistent appearance and save on the total cost of the job.

A modern wood window is superior in several ways when compared to the wood windows made in the 1990's and earlier.  A new wood framed window can be ordered with a durable weather proof exterior sill and trim.  They can also be ordered with a tilt out design that makes second story window cleaning much easier.  You should also consider ordering wood windows with a low-E glass coating that adds some energy savings and limits sunshine damage to interior flooring, wall paint and furniture.

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By:  Scott Dupre’

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