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Replacing or Repairing Siding

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Repairing/Replacing Siding:

Just as substrates on your roof should be repaired during the Roof replacement, siding can be done at the same time.  Killing two birds with one stone always saves in the long run, siding can damage the curb appeal of your home and if it was caused by water damage, it will save thousands more vs leaving the damage to continue.

Siding goes hand in hand with roofing, we specialize in multi tasking for our customers, saving your house from growing damage is one of our goals.

It’s common for home owners to miss age damage or wear on their home, like noises over long periods of time, visual cues become just background information, we just don't think about it anymore, then things seem to sneak up on you.  You noticed your roof needs attention and the first time in a long time, you take a look at your siding, that’s when you finally noticed some damage, could be water, could be normal aging, both are common problems.

We handle these things for you during the roofing process, we can bring these important things to your attention and repairing them while we are out is always more cost effective then if we make a special trip.

There are many different styles of siding used these days, the technology of the materials have improved, there are natural materials like Cedar and even Cement Composites for durability.  We are experts at determining the existing material, replacing part or all using the exact same installation techniques required.

When you’re looking for a Roofing Contractor, make sure you find one with Home Building experience to be sure you are working with a company that can multi task and give you the skills and experience your home needs.

Sometimes home projects can be a headache, we work to minimize your headaches and by multi tasking, we do more for your money.

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